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Wax melter

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The solar melter is intended for melting waxes with the help of solar energy.

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Product description

The smaller solar wax melter is designed for 2 AŽ frame or can be placed on top of each other so that 4 hours can be melted at a time. External dimensions are 630mm x 630mm, and the total height with the stand is 890mm. The inner dimension of the melting chamber (wax space) is 500mm x 545mm and is made of perforated (perforated) sheet metal to make it easier to clean. It is made entirely of stainless steel. It is mounted on a swivel stand so that it can be turned in the sun. On the inside, it is completely insulated with stone wool and coated with aluminum foil, which achieves an even higher temperature for melting wax. The cover is made of 16mm thick multilayer polycarbonate board. We only make a large solar melter to order. We can melt 5 hours at a time. The dimensions of the melting chamber are 835mm x 700mm.