Centenarian - Slovenian beehive

Presentation of the company

I am Marjan, a beekeeper, and I made tools to eliminate the problems in beekeeping. When extracting honey, I had the most trouble removing the bees from the combs. So I made a mechanical bee blower to remove all the bees from the combs into the pot. It enables work to be done quickly; there are almost no bees around me and no honeybee stings. The next problem arose with the accumulation of old honeycombs and waxes from the beehives waiting to be melted. A wax moth attacked those during that time, or they all got mouldy. Making a solar wax melter made all those problems disappear because I am constantly melting them into wax. When gathering pollen, there can also be problems with mould, impurities in the pollen, installing the trap to a beehive as well as with sealing; therefore, I joined a project team where we built a new, improved external pollen trap. I wanted to bring all these improvements closer to other beekeepers, and in 2011 I opened a company and started making beekeeping equipment.